Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Place

I haven't blogged in a while but I am down in Tampa Florida with my buddy Wes getting ready to go see a couple of Orioles vs Rays games.  We drove Wes' RV down to Florida over a two day period and as we drove, Wes stated to me many times that this, this RV, this time on the road, relaxing, fishing, camping, playing putt putt and bocce ball, is his happy place.  He is extremely happy and at home in his RV and loves the many adventures he has had with family and friends in it!  He said that he loves the memories he has made and the time he was spent with Mary Elizabeth in this RV.  It has provided some amazing memories and experiences. 

It made me start to think about where my happy place is.  I really couldn't think of one place that absolutely makes me happy.  In fact there are a couple of things that really make me happy.

Any place and time that I am with my beautiful loving wife.  Coleen fills me with happiness and love and I am truly happiest when I am with her wherever we are and whatever we are doing.  She fills me with love and is always there when I need her.

Along that same line, any time that I get to spend with Kai is amazing.  That kid makes me smile, laugh, and melts my heart.  I am so happy whether we are at the pool or I am down on all fours running around the house as ruff ruff the puppy dog as we play.  That smile will melt your heart in a minute and that belly laugh is amazing!   I have to add into that my new family!  Holidays and being with Coleen's family makes me smile and happy! They are all pretty amazing!

Blacksburg!  It's where my parents live, its where the Hokies are, and it is a place where I feel at ease and comfortable and relaxed (although some of the Hokie games can drive me crazy).  It really doesn't matter because I am definitely happy when I am at a Hokie game!

MY kids.  I don't have my own kid but any time that I am hanging out with my kids at church I am in my happy place.  Just hanging out, at the movies, on a trip, anywhere I am not having to control the situation and just be with MY kids!

My really good friends like being in Tampa with Wes!  Going Christmas shopping with Julia! Anytime I get to hang with my friends is a great time!

I don't get to do it much anymore but there is a certain person that I have always loved being with and can read me like an open book! It has always been one of my most favorite things to do!  "I'll get you an extension cord!!!"

Lastly my train room.  Model trains was my Grandfather's hobb and being in that room reminds me of him.  I love to just build and see where my imagination will take me!

What are your favorite places? Who are your favorite people? You need to have them!  Spend some time in your happy place because life is too short and we need to be with the ones we love and doing the things we love!

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