Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When Life gives you Lemons...

I throw them at people!!! 

Ok no I don't, but don't you feel like that some times? 

Don't you feel like it would just be easier to throw the lemons at people?

I think we all do.  The expressions references lemons as the bad or unexpected things that happen in our lives.  They reference those things that happen and make you stop and say really?  Did that really just happen?  Did the opposite of what I want to happen happen? 

The rest of that express is make lemonade.  Which means to make something good out of the lemons that life has handed you.  It means take that sourness that life is throwing at you and make something sweet.

I think that I get my love the taste of lemons from my Dad.  I think most people grow up eating Oreos or Chocolate Chip cookies.  Sure I had plenty of those but I can distinctly remember my Dad always having Lemon cream filled cookies in the cookie jar growing up.  I loved the taste of that sweet lemon cream that was covered by that lemon cookie crunch.  I would eat way too many of them which of course made my Dad mad.

On top of that I would always drink the orange juice after school which didn't help anything because Dad always said that was just for Breakfast, but that is another story...

I quickly realized that I also loved the taste of lemonade.  The sweet and sour taste of lemonade has become one of my favorite things.  On top of that I was introduced to lemon meringue pie and this ice box pie that Coleen makes that is AMAZING!!!  I have even been known to take a lemon out of my sweet tea and eat it.  Needless to say, I love lemon. 

This weekend I was throw a bunch of lemons, I mean lets just say about 45 dump trucks came by and poured lemons all over me.  I was buried under a mountain of lemons.  It was a very hard weekend.  It felt like all I could see was the porous yellow skin of the lemon.  And although one lemon doesn't weigh very much, 45 truck loads of lemons is very heavy on your chest. It was hard.

Although the weight, sight, and smell of all these lemons was tremendous, I could still feel God.  I could feel him lifting me up and I could hear him as he tore those lemons off me.  He reached in and pulled me out and put me back up on my feet.  I stood there realizing that God would never leave me, but I looked around and there in front of me were still piles and piles of lemons.  Then it started to happen, God sent juicers.  He sent people, places, and things that started to juice those lemons.  He had people that I haven't talked to in years contact me and squeeze lemons.  He put me in places where the atmosphere wouldn't allow you to be squashed by the lemons of the world. Places were people were smiling and happy and filled with his love.  They too squeezed and juiced lemons.

After all those lemons were squeeze and juiced, he sent in people to sweeten the lemonade that had just been made. People that fill my life with love and caring.  People that don't allow the lemons of the world to drag them down.  These people swooped in without even knowing it and sweeten up my lemonade.

When life gets you down, and you are covered in lemons and you want to give up or start chucking those lemons at people, you need to remember that God is with you and even if the load of lemons is heavy and feels like it is too much for you to bear, God will send juicers so that you can still make lemonade. 

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