Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Every church needs a TEMPLE!

When a youth hits their senior year in High School they have to make a decision about Youth Group.  They have to decide on top of school work, applications for College, work, sports, and a social life if they want to make Youth Group a priority in their lives.   Sometimes they choose to stay and sometimes they choose to move on.  It is hard when they decide to leave because for most of them I have spent the last six years of my life with them.

There are however those that stay and make Youth Group just as much of a priority as they did in their younger years.  We have been blessed to have senior Youth Group presidents for the last 2 years.  All three of them worked very hard and developed programs that make Youth an amazing fun experience. 

This year Temple has taken on the mantel of president and has been doing an amazing job.  She has only been a youth group member for the past 2 and a half to three years but I feel like I have known her since she was a sixth grader.  Temple has a special something that draws you to her.  She has a loving and compassionate spirit and it shows through her interaction with all the youth in youth group. 

Temple makes time for any and every youth.  She is the only senior I know that will specifically go searching for younger youth to talk to. There are sixth and seventh graders that go searching for Temple just to talk to her. She leads by example and it shows through everything she attends and the work she does to make our Youth Group amazing. 

She is kind, she is considerate, she is understanding, she is passionate, she is dedicated, she is everything that we need in a president of our Youth Group.  Temple is a blessing to everyone in our Youth Group and she truly is a blessing to me! That is why every church needs a Temple!

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