Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Press Conference

So he was a little flashy, a little hard headed, a little full of himself, and a little cocky before the big game.  After the big game it was a different story.  His head was down, his hood up, he was physically and mentally beaten, and made humble by his experience in the Super Bowl.  Cam Newton did not handle himself very well after the game.  A lot of people have ripped him apart for his attitude and behavior at the post game press conference. 

I am pretty tired of hearing about it.  It is a shame that he acted defeated and upset after the game but I can tell you as someone else that wears his heart on his sleeve, it's not easy to hide our emotions.  Cam has been very happy all season long and why shouldn't he be because they only lost one regular season game.  He did dances, took pictures, gave footballs to the children in the crowd.  All things that were fun to watch if you were a fan and a little disrespectful if you were the team playing the Panthers.  Things were good and so his emotions ran high, he was happy and very boisterous in showing the world he was happy.  He was criticized by the media as well as fans from other teams because of his antics on the field. 

If he is happy, he gets criticized, if he is sad he gets criticized, what does he have to be in order to be accepted?

Each of us show our emotions differently.  Some of us are loud and proud when showing emotion while others are more subdue. We each get to choose how we act and how we hold ourselves in the world.  We make those decisions because of this amazing gift that God has given us called Free Will.   We get to choose our own path, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we follow the wrong path, sometimes we follow the right path, sometimes we help people, but no matter what though it all it was our decision to make. 

Cam is an athlete who gets paid millions of dollars to play professional football.  He's not a role model, you should never base your role model solely on someone's athletic ability.  He has his good qualities and he has his bad qualities.  We should look solely at his attitude on the field and whether or not he wins football games.  We shouldn't judge him based on his behaviors after winning or losing a football game. 

We all have professions and in those professions we have experienced highs and lows.  I am sure three are times we have not been professional because out emotions got the best of us.  I am sure we have said things to people before that we should of never said.  Cam just lost the Super Bowl and was struggling with that/  They were picked to beat Denver easily!  I can't say that I would of really liked to talk to the media after a game like that. 

Let's remember that we each decide who we are and how we act.  Before we decide to judge someone on their emotional response to something, let's sit back and take a good hard look at ourselves.  Free Will is free so why do some people pay the price for their free will?

(Now we are not talking about criminals or people that do evil with their free will that is a totally different topic and discussion.)

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