Monday, May 16, 2016

Hardest Time of the Year

We are entering into the hardest time of the Youth Group year for me.  One very special girl will be graduating in less than a month from our youth group.  It is actually hard to believe that Temple has only been a part of our youth group for a couple of years because it seems like she has always been here.  Temple has been such an amazing influence on this youth group, on the mentors, and of course on me.  She makes every effort to talk to every youth in youth group no matter what grade they are in or what age they are.  Youth look forward to youth group just to talk to her and spend time with her.

She is genuinely interested in everyone's lives and makes every effort to be connected to you when she is talking to you.  She truly has been an amazing youth president this year and the epitome of what we want our g4C (youth leadership team) kids to stand for and represent in the world.  I have loved watching Temple grow these last couple of years and bloom into the beautiful girl that she is, both inside and out. 

There are a lot of things that are hard about being a Youth Director, but the hardest by far is watching kids leave the program.  Especially ones that come in, give all their love and attention to the program and leave imprints on my heart.  Temple is one of the youth and no matter how hard I push or try, for some reason she doesn't want to fail 12th grade and stay with me another year.  I know that just like their parents I too have to let go. Honestly it is hard because after they leave youth group our relationship is never really the same.  They have to move on and expand their minds and their network of people in their lives, and I have to start to develop new relationships with the newest group of youth that will start that journey with me towards their graduation. 

I understand all of that stuff, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it!!!! Okay of course I am just kidding because I am so very proud of Temple and who she is and what she stands for!  I have been very blessed to have her in my life these past 3 plus years.  She will leave St. Mark's youth group having made a huge impact on all of us!

So for the rest of the summer, I am just going to have to go to Tropical Smoothie, sit in my favorite chair at the counter, order my Blimey Limey and smile as I watch her work and occasionally come over and talk to me.  She is always trying to get me to try new flavors by bringing me leftovers from smoothies she has made. 

Thanks Temple for being amazing!  I love you and I hope I helped you to find some new flavors in life just like the way you help me find new smoothie flavors! 

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