Friday, June 28, 2013

Salt of the Earth: Part 4: Thirsty for God

Have you every eaten a ton of popcorn like at the movies?  Or eaten a lot of pretzels or potato chips?  All of these foods have one thing in common.  They are covered in salt.  So what happens when we eat a lot of popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips?  We get really thirsty.  Thirst is one of the by products of salt. As we talked about yesterday with preserving, salt draws out liquid which cause things to stay dry.

This is what happens when we eat salty foods, it dries us out and causes us to become thirsty.  That would be why most of us buy that giant soda to go with our popcorn when we go to the movies.  It is often hard to quench our thirst when we eat a lot of salt. 

We need to be like salt and be thirsty for God.  We have to want him in our lives and want him to be a huge part of our lives.  We have to study the bible, pray, and attend weekly worship services so we can try to quench our thirst.

When we are the salt of the earth, we ultimately don't want to quench our thirst.  We want to always be thirsty for God and always continue to grow in our faith.  We need to constantly be finding ways that we can grow our faith.  If we remain in a constant state of thirst, we are truly being the salt of the earth.

We must be thirsty for God and we must make others thirsty for God as well.  We can do this by inviting them to Youth Group, Church, or Bible Study.  We can make every effort to provide them opportunity to become thirsty as well.  We can draw out the living water inside them and help them realize the love of God.

Go forth and be thirsty for God.  Better yet, go forth and cause others to be thirsty for God.  We can do all this by being the salt of the earth!

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