Friday, January 16, 2015

People Change

People Change.

 People change because we grow older.  They physically change, mentally change, as well as emotionally change.

Most of the time this is ok because we change right along with the people that we are close too.  Most of the time when you are close to someone no matter what changes in their lives you still have a connection that keeps you together because you care so much about each other.

I think the unfortunate thing is that sometimes people change because of their decisions and priorities in life.  When this happens they can make decisions that push them away from you.  This can be very hurtful because you love that person and only want the best for them yet they push you away or change their behavior to where you are no longer an important part of their life.

I was listening to NPR in the car yesterday and I heard a gentleman talking about his life.  He said that for a period of time in his life he would ignore the people that loved him and wanted to be in relationship with him and spend all of his time trying to impress people that didn't care about him no matter what he did to get their attention. 

I think that is true about all of us.  Sometimes we don't think about what we are doing or saying and we tend to push away someone that cares about us because that relationship is boring and comfortable instead of challenging and exciting.

It truly is a shame when that happens because when people love us they only want the best for us and it gets comfortable because they are always around. They are too many bad things in this world that look shiny, new, and exciting.  When we allow ourselves to make those things our priority we lose touch with the people that truly are our friends and love us. 

I miss some of my friends that I have lost touch with over the years as people have changed especially those that I have been very close to.

We live in a crazy world.  A world full of many different relationships and opportunities, its up to us to hang on to those that are close to us and love us.  Although there will be many people that like us throughout our lives there will be a smaller amount of people that truly love us.  Keep those people close.

Remember that God loves us unconditionally and no matter what we do he will never leave us even if we change and turn from him.

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