Friday, February 6, 2015

I wish I had more Hare

When we were kids my dad was going bald. My brother gave him such a hard time about it all the time.  My dad always said to him "just wait until you are older and you are bald, you are never going to hear the end of it!"  I always stayed out of the conversation.  I didn't want to jinx myself.  Well,  my brother went bald first but my lack of playful banter as a child didn't help because I quickly followed suit.  I have a very good friend who has stated a couple of times that she would buy me some Rogaine.  I keep waiting for some in my stocking at Christmas.

I am actually okay with the thinning of my hair. When I say I wish I had more Hare, I'm not talking about my head.  I am talking about my good friend Wes Hare.  Wes is an amazing man with a heart of gold and a spirit of giving.  Wes is always helping people, driving the food truck for North Raleigh Ministries, running our Spiritual Awakenings, which is an AA series of meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the month, he helped to start our Soup on Sunday program at the church which provides a free meal on the 1st Sunday of the month for anyone that would like it,  he helps people at the Healing place get on their feet, he has helped youth within the church whenever they have needed help, he has played / coached in our joyful noise basketball league, he is a big brother for a young man that is in the 5th grade, he helped to start our covenant group, he plays a huge role in the ALS foundation, and so much more.  

On top of all that he is a loving husband and father that takes such good care of his daughter and gives her every experience he possibly can.  He is a loving friend that is always there to listen and give people experiences that they might not get otherwise.  Most of that is done through his gracious giving of tickets to sporting events as well as other events. 

Wes has never met a stranger.  He takes time to get to know people and everywhere I have even been with him he knows people and they know him.  Wes will always take the time to talk to you and listen no matter what he is doing.  He is a wonderful, spiritual, loving person that I am blessed to call my friend.  Life is better with him in it! 

There are people in our lives that we can tangibly see make a difference in the world.  Wes is very humbly about what he does but his footprints came be seen all over the Raleigh area making a difference.

So you may have long flowing locks of hair, or a military style hair cut but no matter who we are, we could all use a little more Hare. We should all be a little more like Wes Hare.

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