Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's a Small World After all

I recently started to post more of my baseball / basketball collection on Ebay.  Speaking of which if you are looking for any particular cards let me know!  Anyway, last night I got an email from someone about a set I had put up for sale the other day.  He lives in the Raleigh area and was interested in meeting if he won the auction because that would save on shipping.  I took a look at his ebay account and saw that he has bought over 1000 items on ebay so I felt pretty secure in meeting him to complete the transaction if he won.

I wrote him and email and told him that was fine and that I had more in a collection if he was interested in looking at it.  He wrote me back and said that that would be great.  He then went on to describe himself because he said he wanted me to feel safe in meeting him. 

It turns out that he is a Pastor of a Baptist church in Garner.  He had worked in Youth Ministry for over 14 years before he became a pastor.  He recently had a book published and next week he was headed on a trip to a Baptist camp with the youth group. 

It was so awesome, this conversation that we had, back and forth for over an hour.  We just shared with each other about our journeys and where they had led us.  When he was a youth he was Methodist and had been to Camp Don Lee many times. 

In the last email I got from him he stated that this email conversation made his day! 

It just goes to show you that God is in all things including an auction site on the internet called ebay!

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