Sunday, July 21, 2013

Salas not Salsa

Since I have been the Director of Youth Ministries for St. Mark's UMC there has been one person who has been with me since the very beginning of my journey.  Julia has been a mentor and a dear friend of mine since I started here.  She has always had my back and been there when I needed her no matter what situation or problem I was having.  I love her very much and am so thankful for her.

Yesterday we got to celebrate her son Rudy's wedding to a beautiful young lady named Emma.  They are perfect for each other and yesterday was so wonderful.  Rudy was in college when I got here to St. Mark's but he was around and helped out when he could.  He definitely helped me get through all those basketball seasons.  He is a gentleman that is full of energy and if you know him, you know what I am talking about. 

I recall one specific time that I spent with Rudy.  Rudy asked me if I could meet him for breakfast at Denny's and have a discussion about a girl he was seeing at the time.  We had a long discussion and it was obvious that he did not see a future for the relationship.  It was hard on him because he is such a caring and loving person and he didn't want to hurt her.  It just shows you what kind of man he is.  During that discuss I remember a man from another table piping in on our conversation and giving his advice.  He stated that after listening to us for awhile that he should really find someone that he loved deeply and would be his best friend for the rest of his life.  The man mad a lot of sense as he talked with us from his table next to ours.  He gave us both something to think about.  I think it helped Rudy to realize that his relationship was not going to last and that he would find someone else that fit what he needed. Rudy found that person in Emma which was evident last night.

Last year, Big Rudy as we call him or Julia's husband had a brain aneurism and almost died.  He was in the hospital for a long time.  I would go and sit with Julia when I could and just try to support her.  It was hard because you could see she was in pain.  I can't even imagine how much pain she was in.  Rudy pulled through in a major way and has made a full recovery.

You never know how people impact your life until you have the chance to watch them laugh or watch them cry.  You never know what they mean to you until you are hugging them close or watching them walk down together hand in hand as man and wife for the first time as a tear rolls down your check.  You never know how much you love them until they come up behind you, looking as beautiful as a mother of a groom can look, hug you and kiss you on the head.

Thank you Salas family for the love, joy, and support that you have brought to me throughout the last eight years of my life.  I look forward to many more! 

Oh by the way it is a good thing my all the single ladies dance was not on tape! 

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