Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...

Sometimes we don't really realize how much we miss someone until they are gone.  Especially if that person wasn't really a close friend, like someone you hang out with on the weekends or after work. You really enjoyed their company but didn't seek it out outside of a work or church situation but for some reason, their absence really hits you.

There has been one person that always would come down to this very green basement office of mine to see me or ask me questions.  She would start off with whatever "business" we would need to discuss but often follow that up with regular conversation and genuine concerns with how I was doing or what was going on in my life.  We would end up joking about things for awhile before she would take that long walk back up to the office area upstairs. 

She always had an open door policy and would stop whatever she was doing to have a conversation with you. You could tell she truly cared and wanted to hear what you had to say.  I am a very reserved person (don't tell my youth that), but she made it easy to open up and have an honest discussion. 

When she was behind the pulpit she brought an energy that was different and unique to her.  It always felt warm and comfortable yet delivered a powerful message.  It was always enlightening and eye opening to hear her preach.

I must say that the staff here is awesome and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Our new associate pastor can also bring it from the pulpit as well as on the basketball court. 

I just want her to know that she is missed and that I am thankful for her time, talent, and gifts that she brings with her wherever she goes but for definitely bringing them to St. Mark's. 

Thanks Tawny, you are missed :)

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