Friday, July 5, 2013

Salt of the Earth: Part 6: Keep People Afloat

I suggest that you try this science experiment some time.  All you need are two glasses and two eggs.  Fill both glasses with water.  In one of the glasses add salt and mix. After you have mixed the salt in, take the eggs and drop one of them in each of glasses.  You will see that in the glass with no salt the egg will sink to the bottom.  In the glass with salt you will see the egg float to the top.

Why do you think this happens?  Overall an egg has more density than water therefore it sinks to the bottom of the glass.  However when you add the salt to the water it changes the water's density.  It makes it greater than the egg therefore the egg floats.

Ok you can do a lot of research on density and the science behind it.  Hopefully it will help you win a science fair but for the purpose of this blog we have established the point that we need which is that salt helps to make things float.

That is what we need to do as the salt of the earth.  We need to help keep people afloat.  There are so many things in this world that will drag people down.  So many things that are wrong in people's lives that cause them stress and pain.  Often when they let these bad things in their lives take over they start to sink.

When we act as the salt of the earth we can lift people up.  We can listen to them and talk with them.  We can hug them and hold them.  We can be there to support them.  We can keep them afloat by being there for them.

Being there for people is the common thread through all six of the parts that we have talked about.  Relationship building and heavy lifting are essential parts of being the salt of the earth.  Without that basis no matter which of the six parts we are trying to live into, we will fail.  Our relationships with people and with God are what keeps us afloat in times of trouble and pain. 

Let's go out into the world and be salty!

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