Wednesday, December 25, 2013

End of the Year Awards

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas.  I know that we have had a great time here in Blacksburg which started with snow flurries when we went to church last night and ended with seeing the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It was a great time with family. 

It is the end of the year which often brings lists and countdowns of the top / best moments of 2013.  I have decided to do my own list of awards this year based on the 2013 youth group.  I am calling them: The Markies!  So let's get started:

Most Likely to End Up on Jeopardy

Winner: Ryan Cherry

Based on the amount of questions that I get asked on any given Sunday, Ryan would definitely be able to give answers in the form of questions.  I would however feel sorry for Alex Trebek and the questions he would get asked during the commercial break.

Funniest Saying

Winner:  Owen Wilkinson

Although I am not sure exactly how to write it, Owen had the funniest saying at ASP this year.  The way he does it had me laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.  He explained to us that there is a woman at the K and W cafeteria that asks people if they want

"anyching else?"

The Shot Put Award

Winner: Temple Shepherd

One time after taking Liz and Temple out to dinner I was pulling out of the driveway when I turned just in time to witness Temple chucking an apple into the woods.  It was actually a pretty good throw but oh course I had to give her a hard time for chucking a perfectly good apple into the woods from a meal I had just bought her.

The Jamaican Banana Award

Winner: Luke Short

At the State Fair this year Luke wanted to play the games to try and win prizes.  He tried so hard but wasn't able to win anything.  After a few games I told him to save his money so that he didn't waste it.  At one point he asked me if he could go over and watch a game while others were riding a ride.  I told him it was fine.  A few minutes later he returned with a Jamaican Banana that I was given specific instructions on how to hold for the remainder of our stay at the fair.

The Spell Check Award

Winner: Alex Almasy

It goes without saying that Alex has an awesome memory.  That being said if I make a statement or exaggerate anything in anyway at all Alex corrects me or calls me on the exaggerating.  It is kind like typing this blog entry and having red appear under mistakes which of course are misspelled words.  FYI  there is a red squiggly line under Almasy as I am typing this!

Best Live Stage Performance

Winner: Danielle Galloway

A wonderful performance as Miss Strickland in the Christmas Pageant.  It was an excellent performance and she did a great job interacting with the young choir members.

Best Movie

Winner: Dan Man and the Fight Against Hunger

This movie was a lot of fun to make and Daniel Miller did an awesome job in his portrayal of Dan Man.  I was quite impressed by his acting skills!  Everyone did a great job including those that played hunger.

Most Amazing Basketball Shot

Winner: Jonathan Garner

With 10 seconds left in a joyful noise game, Jonathan came off a curl to the three point line and drained a three pointer as the buzzer sounded to win a basketball game by 1 point.  It was by far the most amazing shot ever made in a Joyful Noise Game.

Best F4J Message

Winner: Liz Elliot

We have had some amazing messages delivered by our youth during F4Js.  I am amazed at the messages that they bring to the table when they lead the service.  I have to say though on two occurrences Liz has brought wonderful powerful messages that have blown me away.  I am truly impressed by her ability to write and deliver a meaningful and powerful message.  She has a great future in Ministry if she chooses to pursues it!

King of the Court Award

Winner: Daniel Miller

I could not watch a basketball game in which Daniel was playing in without laughing.  He just makes you laugh when he plays whether it was what he said or his actions on the court.  This year was a lot of fun but he made it a riot. 

Scriptwriter and Director Debut Award

Winner: Will Cook

Will put together a great video and did some amazing acting in the Real Christmas Story video.  I was really impressed and I look forward to seeing him play a role in more films that we make.

The Pizza Award

Winner: Delaney Dabagian

Throughout our ASP trip this year our team was constantly reminded of one food back home and that food was pizza.  Delaney wanted pizza so bad that we surprised her and found a place where we could get some so she could have pizza :)

The Unexpected Sportsman Award

Winner: Ben Miller

I had no clue that Ben was even remotely interested in playing football but he played for the first time this year.  I got to watch one of his JV games and I have to admit that I was very impressed.  He looked good out there and has bulked up a lot over the year.  I look forward to seeing him play next year.

The Best Youth Group Award

Winner: St. Mark's Youth Group

I couldn't ask for a better, funnier, God loving, well behaved group of youth.  I have been given the opportunity to work with some great kids and I thank God everyday for them.  I can't wait to see where 2014 takes us!  Thanks everyone!

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