Monday, December 16, 2013

Naughty or Nice?

I hear stories, read articles, witness situations, and see videos about children who have been neglected, beaten, mistreated, and ignored.  I see it happen right in front of me sometimes and I just don't understand it.  People treat kids as property or responsibility and not as little people.  They yell, they scream, they hit, they scold, they beat them down verbally and literally.  I know that not every family treats their kids this way but I don't understand why people don't love the beautiful, loving gifts from God they have been given.  It boggles my mind to see how kids are misunderstood and mistreated. 

In the movie Fred Claus, Santa has a brother named Fred.  The movie is about him and how he has to deal with being the brother of Santa Claus.  In the end he has to be Santa and deliver the presents for one Christmas due to Santa being injured.   Through out the movie Fred is labeled as the troublesome, bad kid. Right before he goes to deliver the presents he says this to Santa:

"You know Nick there is one thing that has been eating at me since I got here.  That naughty nice list that you got, There's no naughty kids Nick.  They are all good kids, but some of them are scared, and some of them don't feel listened too, some of them have had some pretty tough breaks too, but every kid deserves a present on Christmas."

I believe that. There are no naughty kids.  They are loving and caring and wonderful.  Sometimes they have bad days and often they are molded by outside sources that cause they to say and do things that are wrong but deep down inside they are all good kids that just want to be loved, cared for, and listened too. 

I had a bad day yesterday and three of my youth turned my day around for me.  They listened to me, they were more worried about me and why I was angry and sad than anything else.  They hugged on me, laughed with me and just were there for me!  I didn't expect anything from them and was just going to head home and decompress but they were amazing, without them and a couple of adults I would still be upset.

I don't like to have bad days and show that I am having one. It is hard not to show that you are frustrated and angry when you work with youth and constantly need to be "on" and up beat.  I am blessed by the fact that my youth love me as much as I love them.  I am blessed that they are here for me when I need them. 

I hope you realize the gift you have been given.  I hope you know just how wonderful your kids are.  It's Christmas and yes they all deserve presents, but more than that they deserve your love, they deserve your attention, they deserve you.  On Christmas Eve, after you have gone to Church, curl up with them somewhere and just enjoy being with them.  You only get so many Christmases before they will be gone and out of the house.  Enjoy your time together and be a family.  Listen to what they have to say and share, you never know, you may just learn something.

There are no naughty kids, they are all good kids!

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