Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taking a Stand!

Often celebrities get in trouble for taking a stand on a topic or situation.  They make statements to the world about how they feel about something which of course is their own opinion but because they are well known and or famous their opinions matter.  This often backfires because that celebrity is judged based on what they say.  They may lose some of their fan base, they may gain some fan base, they probably even have people in their fan base that don't care what they say.

After a celebrity has made a statement is when normal people decide to either back that statement or go against that statement.  They put their own opinions out there for the world to see.  This in turn has the same effect on normal people as it does on celebrities.  Friends of people that post their opinions and take stands on topics will draw their own conclusion about the person that has taken a stand and posted it for the world to see.

Again that person that posted will have friends that stand by them, friends that disagree with them, and friends that just don't even care.  A ripple effect happens and it continues down the line as people then post their own opinions after reading a friend's post.

The last thing in the world I am say is don't take a stand.  If you are passionate about something then you need to stand up for it and back it any way possible.  I'm just saying that if you do this please keep in mind that your friends, family, jobs, etc. will read what you have to say and draw their own conclusions and either back you or not back you. 

If you take a stand on something you need to accept the backlash that comes with it.  If you give your opinion then you need to be open to other people's opinions.  If you make a statement expect others to reply and tell you how they feel about your statement.  If you take a stand on a subject, please realize that people are going to form their own opinion about you and if they disagree with you, you may just lose a friend.

I think there are plenty of things in this world that need to be supported and lifted up.  Just remember that when you decide to do that, the world is watching, opinions are being formed and decisions about your stance are being made by people.  Although we should never judge someone for what they say or their actions, we are only human.  There is a reason we must repent for our sins.  Some people are judgmental and will form an opinion about you based on the things you say and the way you hold yourself.

Please make sure before you take a stand on something that you are fully committed to the backlash and falling out of the statement you have made.  Be passionate and fully committed before you type or speak about topics especially ones that are controversial!

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