Monday, January 9, 2012

Green Screen

My most recent addition to my video production knowledge is the use of the green screen.  A green screen is often used in movies that have cgi (computer generated imagery) effects or other images into the background of a movie.  You have the actors act out their parts in front of a totally green screen.  Then you take that film, add some filters, and put either another film or cgi graphic behind it and thanks to the filters which make the green see through, you see the two images together.

It is really neat.  I had no idea I could actually do it.  I was watching the making of a movie that used a lot of graphics and cgi and I saw how they used the green screen.  I got online and looked up my video editing program and I saw how I could do it.  After purchasing a green sheet (which is not green enough)  I started to mess with it.  It is pretty cool how it works but I definitely need a darker green sheet. 

In the movies they have to use these things to create images and places that don't exist.  In order to create other worlds or landscapes, they use the green screen.  It helps people in the movies visit places they would never be able to visit or go to other wise.  It allows us to use our imagination and sometimes because the cgi is so good now a days, it looks like it is real life.

I think that is great for the movies, but we need to live our lives.  We need to go out and see things in real life, visit places we want to visit and not Just see them on TV or the movies.  Too often I think we spend time watching movies and TV and we don't spend enough time experience God's creation.  We have to play video games or make sure we see our favorite shows or movies and we miss out on experiencing life. 

I love the movies and I love sports on TV but I would rather be playing basketball or another sport than watching it.  I would rather be at the beach than watch people at the beach.  Life is an amazing thing that God gave us.  He also gave people the amazing talent to make these shows and movies, but he also created this world or us to visit and explore.  Our God is an awesome God, and the world is his green screen!

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