Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost Love

Yesterday a gentleman at my church lost his wife.  They are both in their 80s and have strong beliefs.  She has been battling cancer for awhile now but on Thursday around noon, she went to be with God.  Although I did not know her very well, Ken is an amazing man.  At 85 years old (I think that old) he runs up and down the basketball court with us. He out hustles and beats most of us.  He is in top shape and amazing athlete.  He has competed in the senior Olympics for the past couple of years with his 3 on 3 basketball team.  I only hope to be close to how in shape and healthy he is.

His faith is amazing.  I have never seen someone so grounded in his faith.  When I read emails from him telling me about his wife's condition he never falter from giving God the glory.  He loves her so much.  You can tell by what he says about her and the look in his eyes when he is talking about her.  It is nice to see a couple that is so in love and caring of each other, but it must be so hard to watch someone pass away that you love so dearly.  To see it coming too must make it even harder.

There love and her passing are such a true testament of faith.  If we could all have that faith that we give God the glory until our last breathe here on this earthly plain. That is truly what it is all about and they both were so blessed that they had that and shared it with one another.  Faith is so important and vital part of life.  I feel sadden by the fact that there are people in this world that do not  have a strong faith.

My faith is strong I believe but it can always be stronger.  We all can strengthen our faith as we work through our lives.  Next weekend, our youth group will be having our all youth retreat.  It is a lot of fun and our topic this year is The Game of LIFE:  Living In Faith Everyday.  We are going to talk a lot about each other's faith and hopefully grow in our faith as well.  I love these retreat because I get to spend time with my youth and watch them grow at the same time.  It will be amazing.

So I challenge you this week to take a look at your faith.  To grow in it, to praise God for what he has given you and who he has put in your life.  I challenge you to love your neighbor and forgive your enemy.  Allow God to take over and trust and believe in him.  If we are lucky, we will have the same relationship with God that Ken and JoAnn have with him.  All my love you both and Ken we are all here if and when you need us.  Thank you for every joyful moment you have brought to my life and the love that you show the youth of our church.  God bless you!

P.S. Everyone: I'm BACK!

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