Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Original Survivors

When the TV show Survivor first came out I absolutely loved it.  I watched it every week wondering what was going to happen next and who was going to deceive who.  I wanted to be on the show and survive on the land while trying my best to survivor not only the environment but the people as well.  The show has gone on for many years since then.  Each year new contestants take their turn to try and survive the show.  There are much more devious people that are worried about who to have as allies instead of worrying about playing the game.  Still can you imagine having to live on the island or in the isolated jungles and deserts they put them in?  They have to learn to survive but only for a month or so.  What if you had to do it for 40 years?  That is why I think that the Israelites and Moses were the original survivors.

After having escaped Pharaoh's army, they are thrust into the desert to try and find the promised land.  This is a short trip in fact it only takes 40 years.  So why they wonder the desert, they have to survive on their own.  This is a task because their game didn't involve voting each other off or winning games or immunity or food, their game was based on pure survival.  This also was not a contest of 20 people, there were millions of Israelites roaming the desert.  They had to stay together and try to survive.

The thing is they never would of been in this situation if they had listened to God in the first place.  Even after everything that Moses showed them and provided for them, they still did not believe.  This is true of the current version of the game Survivor.  They contestants don't believe in each other, they are lying, scamming, and plotting their way to victory.  If the Israelites had only listen to Moses, they would of been in the promised land way before they actually made it.  They had strong leadership from Moses and God, but they still need up wandering the desert for 40 years. 

Through out their years in the desert, they became desperate for food and water.  God provides these for them just like the producers of the TV show do whenever the contestants win a challenge or immunity from the vote.  Unfortunately for the Israelites, they don't pay attention to the rules and their food went bad.  They could of had it for as long as they needed it but they didn't pay attention or listen to directions.

Unfortunately I think this happens a lot when it comes to survivor.  In order to survive, people forget about rules and helping each other.  They are worried about themselves and lose track of the true mean of community and love thy neighbor.  So we should be glad that the TV show is only a TV show and that we don't have to try to survive in the desert for 40 years, because who knows how we would act or what we would do if faced with surviving. 

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