Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stars in the sky

Here in the city it is often hard to see the stars in the sky.  They are often few and far between, but when you step away from the light pollution and into an area where there are no artificial lights, the stars shine brightly in the sky.  You can see millions of them hanging in the deep darkness of space.  In the mountains or on the beach you can lay down and watch the night sky for hours at a time and still can't count them all.  There are so many of them that you never have to look at the same one twice. If you watch long enough, you may even see a shooting star melt across the sky.

Watching the stars has always been something I love to do.  When I go camping I always find a place where I can lay and watch the stars for awhile.  One time I even found a place next to river with rapids beating against the rocks and the stars spinning in the the sky.  It was one of my most calming moments in my life.  I can still remember falling asleep on that rock so thankful for the experience and in awe of God's creation.

Another time I had a great experience was on my own drive way in Fuquay.  The Youth Leadership team came to my house for a retreat and as part of it we took a trash can and burned pieces of paper on which we wrote things we wanted to lift to God.  As we laid there, a shooting star shot across the sky right after we had sent up our prayer.  It was an amazing experience and again made me awe at the glory that is our Lord and savior.

Two other times were at our girl's retreats.  Kirstin, Sarah and I would go out on Saturday night and lay on the small deck that was part of the walkway to the beach.  We would look up into the sky and watch the stars appear and shimmer in the moon light.  It was a time of thought and conversation.  We discussed many things on that deck and I remember vividly those conversations.

Today I went to a funeral.  One of the things that was discussed at this funeral is how the lady who died pictured heaven.  She recently had gotten some pictures from the Hubble telescope and was looking at the magnificent stars and galaxies.  She stated how magnificent they were and that they were touched by the hand of God just as we have been.  We were both molded by his hand.  The front of the bulletin had a picture from the telescope and it was filled with stars and glorious colors.  Up in the left hand corner next to a big star was written: I am here.  This is where she has gone too, to be with God.

Up in the heavens where she will shine down on us all.  Up in the heavens where God shines down on us all!

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