Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Piece of the Puzzle

Today I found a puzzle piece in the couch.  It was not a corner piece, in fact it had pieces cut from it on every side so I assumed that it was from somewhere in the middle of the puzzle.  It was interesting because by itself it was not much of anything, in fact I couldn't even tell what type of picture it was from by looking at it.  I am sure that in its place, it completes the puzzle and makes perfect sense.

The puzzle was incomplete as well and would of remained so without this piece that had been lost.  A lost puzzle piece leads to an unfinished puzzle and an incomplete message or picture.  So in both ways, the puzzle needing the piece and the piece needing the puzzle, there is need and want for the other.  Without either the other is incomplete.

In a lot of ways this puzzle and puzzle piece represent our lives.  Each of us has our own puzzle that we are putting together.  The pieces revolve around our job, family decisions, relationships with people, hobbies, sports teams, vacations, money decisions, homes, food, clothes, and things that we own.  Each decision we make or thing that we buy are a piece in our puzzle of life.  We make decisions based on wants and needs and those decisions help us to piece together life. 

Another piece to our puzzle is our piece that represents our relationship with God.  Sometimes this is a big piece that is some where in the middle of our puzzle.  Sometimes it is a smaller piece that is located along the edge of our puzzle, where it is easy to find and not as important as a center piece.  Unfortunately I think a lot of people loss that piece of the puzzle.  They lose the piece that keeps them building a relationship with God and when they lose it they lose the relationship they have already built. 

I think a lot of us loss that piece even if we attend church weekly or go to Sunday School or Youth Group.  We stop building a relationship with God.  We don't pray or worship in a way that is from our hearts.  Instead we lose that piece of our puzzle and our puzzle of life is not complete.  We are incomplete and nothing is worse than an incomplete puzzle.  When we lose that relationship with God piece, the rest of the pieces don't fit as well.

So it is time to comb through that couch , amongst the lent, and food pieces, find that piece of your puzzle that is stuck to the bottom of the cushion.  Pull it out, dust it off, and put it back into your puzzle.  Cement it in by building upon your relationship with God.  Don't ever allow yourself to lose it again.  Keep your puzzle of life complete.

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