Friday, August 26, 2011

Cracks in the pavement

I went for a really long walk this morning.  It was eight miles total.  I walked from my apartment to the lake, around the lake and back home again.  When I walk, I like to take notice of the world around me.  I watch the cars going by, the people waiting at the bus stops, the squirrels that scurry across the road, and the different houses that I pass by.  This morning, I noticed something that caught my eye.  I noticed the cracks in the pavement.  From my house to the lake there is sidewalk.  The sidewalk has shifted over time and some pieces are higher than others due to tree roots growing underneath but it is still a very nice, well maintained walkway.
The things that caught my eyes were these cracks that I kept seeing in the pavement.  Some of them went all the way across the sidewalk while others started on one side or the other and ended in the middle.  Still other cracks started in the middle and spread out to either side.  It became part of my walk to look at the different sidewalk pieces for cracks as I traveled down the road.  Some of the cracks were thin while others were thick.  Some of them had weeds or grass growing out of them.  One crack was so severe that you could see the tree root protruding through the sidewalk. 
As I walked, I began to think about how these slabs of concrete represented us.  These extremely strong concrete slabs of rock seemed to have all kinds of different cracks in them kind of like us.  Each of us has our own problems and worries, our own struggles and stresses.   We each have our own pain and suffering and although we are all very strong, these different issues leave us with cracks.  Some of the cracks are small and are easily hidden or fixed, while others become larger where the issues or problems begin to form roots and dig in causing the crack to widen and deepen. 
Often we try to hide our cracks.  We use some sort of quick fix that may temporarily fill the crack, but eventually it reopens.  Other times we talk about our issues and problems by seeking guidance and help.  When we do that our cracks are permanently fixed or at least stopped from spreading any further.  Although we cannot always control the situation that creates the crack, we can work to fix it properly.
When a slab of pavement on the sidewalk is broken and cracked, they call in a professional with a cement truck.  That professional has fixed so many cracks in their lifetime that they know just what to do to fix the crack.  There is a professional that has fixed all kinds of cracks in people’s life, and the funny thing is that when life gets hard, we forget to call on him.  God can fill your cracks, he is always there for you and trust me, he has the right cement for the job.  We have to lift up our problems to him, we have to go to him in prayer with our issues and concerns.  God wants to help us.  He wants to warm up the truck and start pouring that crack fixing concrete that we need so badly.  He will put workers in our lives along the way.  These workers are people that we can talk to and will help us with our problems, but he is the foreman and it all starts with him.  If we don’t start with him then our foundation, our concrete, is never solid.
Do you hear that? 
Someone must have called him because I can hear the concrete truck backing up into place, beep, beep, beep. 
Make sure you have put in a work order.

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