Saturday, August 27, 2011

V is for Videos

A couple of years ago we renovated our basement of the church into a youth area. We have some great stuff including a game room, study room with computers, an office with refrigerator, and a room with a screen and projector.  It is a wonderful space.  When we did this renovation, we also purchased two video cameras.  These video cameras have been an asset to the ministry of our program.
As you know in today’s world, technology is the key.  Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are the social media outlets for youth these days.  In order to keep our youth engaged and on track with ministry we have created a lot of videos.  Some of our youth have done powerpoint presentations while others have used cameras to make movies.  I have become quite good at editing and creating videos.  The youth really connect through video ministry.  What better way is there to show Christ’s love than through homemade spiritual videos created by youth for youth? 
Two years ago there was a youth that was participating in some youth programming as a friend of one of our long standing members.  She would come to youth group and other events but hadn’t totally bought in.  Later in that year she really started to come to everything we did. 
Last year at a meeting I asked if anyone would be interested in creating a video to a song I had picked out.  She volunteered to do it.  I thought it was a great and wonderful way for her to express herself.  She had two weeks to create the video.  Right before it was due she got it to me so I could burn it to DVD.  When I got her video I took a look at it.  It was amazing.  Her storyline was great, the shots and video footage she took were amazing. The most impressive thing was the message she conveyed through her video. 
When I showed it in youth group the next Sunday, all the kids loved it.  We spent almost an hour talking about it and the different spiritual messages that were shown in the video.  Some of our youth mentors cried when they saw it.  It was so impressive that this eighth grader had such an eye for video creation and production. 
She has since made many videos for us.  Each and every one of them is very spiritually mature.  She has found a way to truly share her spiritual journey with the world.  She got confirmed this year and now is an important part of our youth program.  Danielle truly opened my eyes when she put her video skills in front of me.  She showed me that through her creativity and love of video work, she could spread the word of God in a way that will meet people where they are. 
Danielle has been given a gift and I hope that she will continue to use it to spread God’s love and understanding to those around us.  I hope that she realizes that she has a future in video creation and production.  I am so thankful that she raised her hand that day and was willing to put her creative skills to the test and show us what she is truly made of.  Danielle is the director, creator, distributor, and star of this movie called God’s love through cinema. 
Thanks for sharing it with the world.    

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