Monday, August 8, 2011

The Original Zoo Keeper

We have all heard the story of Noah and the ark.  We know that with the help of his family Noah was able to build an ark big enough to house two of every kind of animal in the world.  After Noah spent so much time working day and night to create a huge boat, he then had to fill it with two of every animal of the world. This makes you wonder, how many animals were on the ark?  How many species of animals were on the ark that we don’t even know about yet?  How many of them are extinct now since their ride on the ark?  Can you imagine what it was like on that ark?  This is what makes me believe that Noah was the very first Zoo keeper.

I have owned four dogs at one time and it was not an easy task.  You would not believe how much they ate, go to the bathroom, smell, and shed.  That was only four dogs.  Can you imagine what it was like to have elephants, giraffes, lions, and tigers and bears, oh my?  They were all on a boat without an area to run around in.  The animals had to be feed, cleaned up after (if you know what I mean), and watched to make sure they didn’t eat each other.  Let's not forget the smells of all those animals together under one roof.
It was a full time job.  On top of navigating the boat and taking care of the six people on boat, Noah had to take care of all the animals.  I hope he was an animal lover.  He had to have been to agree to build the ark in the first place.  Noah was a righteous man and God saw this when he chose him. 
Often we are chosen to do things.  Sometimes we love what we have to do and sometimes we dislike what we are doing.  God chooses us for tasks based on our abilities, drive, devotion, and love for the task at hand.  He will give us the tools to accomplish the task but it is up to us to fulfill it.  Even the smallest task can be done to the glory of God if we put our heart, mind, and soul into what we are doing.  You know who you may impact or touch with whatever task you are asked to do.
The next time you are given a task, think of Noah and his ark.  For forty days and forty nights, Noah feed, cleaned up after, groomed, talked to, and watched after the animals on his ark.  He was the first animal expert.  He was the first Zookeeper.  When given a task, Noah thrived.  He earned the favor that he had in God’s eyes.  We too can earn favor with God.  We can live into our abilities, our drive, our devotion, and our love and complete the tasks that he puts in front of his.  We can do everything for the glory of God. 
One day you might be called upon to be the next Zookeeper.

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