Monday, August 15, 2011

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Sometimes the strangest things happen that end up being the Lord at work.  On a summer trip to the beach, one of my youth mothers and her daughters were walking along the beach.  The mother was walking a little behind the daughters as they walked down the beach.  As she continued along the beach, she noticed that her youngest daughter was walking with one shoulder lower than the other and sort of slouched over.  She watched her walk for a bit and really started to realize that something wasn’t right.  She decided that when she got home, she would take her to see her pediatrician.
They made an appointment and went in to see the doctor.  The pediatrician examined her and told the mother that her daughter had scoliosis and that she needed to see a back specialist.  The doctor recommended someone and the mother made an appointment.  They went in and the back specialist took x-rays and the specicalist told them that the daughter had a forty two percent curve in her spine and that it would require surgery.  The specialist took two hours to explain everything to the mother and daughter and went through every detail.  He told them all about the surgery and that he would be the one to perform it.
The daughter goes from a leisurely stroll on the beach to having back surgery all within the matter of a month.  The date of the surgery was set and they checked into the hospital.  Before the specialist performed the surgery, he asked if the family would like to pray together.  He bowed his head and led a prayer over the daughter.  After saying Amen, final hugs were given and the daughter was wheeled away for surgery.   
After a few short hours the specialist came back out and told the family that everything went great, the daughter did great and the surgery didn’t take as long as they thought it would.  The specialist then offered a prayer of thanksgiving with the family.  The daughter was wheeled into her room.  Later that day I was able to go by and see her.  I brought her a soccer teddy bear because she loves soccer.  She was in good spirits and her pain level was very manageable.  The mother told me that she will be able to go to school in ten days and with the type of surgery she had, she will not have to wear a back brace.  Within a matter of a few weeks she would be able to play soccer again.
The Lord often shows us things when we least expect it.  Who would of known that a walk on the beach could lead to a life altering surgery.  Everything in this world is not black and white.  We don’t always see things when they are in front of us.  It takes God showing us to realize and see them.  I am thankful for the mysteries of life.  I am thankful for those times when you least expect it that you see the Lord at work.  Be on the lookout, it might not be something as huge as finding out a medical problem, but the Lord is working in your life and you need to watch for the mysterious things in your life.  That is when God is truly opening your eyes.

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