Friday, August 19, 2011

High Expectations

Sometimes we have expectations of events, movies, people, places, and things.  We have a certain vision in our head of what it is going to be like but when we get to the event, go to see a certain movie, hang with the person, arrive at the place, or purchase the thing, we are very disappointed because it doesn’t live up to the expectation.  Working with youth can have you being pulled both ways.  Sometimes I am very disappointed and my expectations are not met and other times, I am amazed and my low expectation level is blown away.
This year I am preparing for our kickoff.  I have this clear vision in my head of what I want it to look like and how I want it go.  Every kickoff I have a vision and high expectations.  Every year, my vision is not met.  It never goes as planned.  Something always happens.  I either forget to buy something, I don’t set something up right, something doesn’t work properly, or we run out of time.  There are so many things that can go wrong when you have high expectations.
  You know what the funny thing about your high expectations is?  You are the only one who knows that you have high expectations, and you are the only one that knows that they event didn’t reach your expectations.  It might not seem funny but it actually is.  Often the youth have a fabulous time at the kickoff.  They love every minute of it.  They get the biggest kick out of the games, puzzles, entertainment, and cooking they have to do.  They are oblivious to whatever details you feel are left out.   They are there to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.  
This often happens with all events that we are involved in.  Too often we focus on ourselves without even realizing it.  If we are mad or upset because something didn’t reach our high expectations it is no one’s fault but our own.  We set the lofty expectations and we have to live with the results.  Ok, that may sound like we are not supposed to have expectations.  That’s not what I am saying.  What I am saying is that we have to look at the big picture.
Is there still a great, wonderful, God centered outcome from the event? 
Did you enjoy the movie even though it wasn’t a block buster?
Are you visiting the place with family, friends, or that special someone?
It’s humbling sometimes to think how worked up we get when  a plan doesn’t work right, but someone comes up to us and says they had a great time and can’t wait for next year. 
May God bless us with the ability to take a step back, look at the big picture, lower our expectations, and just be in the moment.

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