Saturday, August 20, 2011

God Winked at Me…

As I started my walk around the lake the other morning, the sun was just starting to peak up over the tree line.  As I was headed for my third time around the lake, the sun had moved up above the trees.  I happened to look up at it as I was walking toward it.  There were clouds lined up just perfectly to make a face.  It looked like it was someone winking at me with the sun as the open eye.  I determined that it was God.  He was giving me the strength to go around the lake for a third time which was six miles and the longest distance that I have walked yet during my year of me and JC.  He was giving me the you’ve got this look!  It was awesome, and warmed my heart.  It made it easier to finish up those last two miles. 
I walk the lake a lot these days.  I do a ton of people watching.  I often wonder which of those around me believe and which of them don’t.  Does the skinny guy who has lapped me three times believe?  How about the girl with the three dogs?  Or the gentleman with the all terrain stroller, does he believe in God?  What about the huge group of runners that pass me on Saturday mornings, are any of them believers?  How about the older gentleman that says hey to me every morning?  Or the lady that sits on the bench every Monday and feeds the ducks, does she believe?  What about the gentlemen fishing every morning?  How about the man who hits golf balls around the field for hours, does he believe? 
I often wonder what they are listening too on their I-pods.  Does anyone have worship and praise music playing?  Is anyone meditating or praying?  Are they thinking about visiting someone from church?  Do they go to church?
It’s interesting to watch.  Some of the same people are there every day.  I often wonder if they are there on Sunday mornings because of course I’m not.  The thing about it is a believer and non believer look the same.  We wear the same clothes, we listen to the same music, we walk or run the same trail, and some of us even drive the same cars.  From outside appearances, it is often hard to tell if someone believes.  We can’t really tell, for the most part, unless we talk with them.
I am working on myself for the next year.  I am working to become healthier in my spirit, mind, and my body.  I know what I am doing why I am out there, I pray, think about my next blog entry, and plan my week of work and worship.  It has been so helpful for me to have the devotion piece to my life style change.  I wish that when I have done this in the past I would of added this component.  But that ‘s me, I know what I am doing, what I want, and what I believe. But what about all my fellow lake people? 
I hope that the other runners, walkers, fisherman, duck feeders, golf ball hitters, and dog walkers believe.  I pray that they too saw the face of God in the clouds above the lake the other morning.  God was winking at us all and saying good job and keep it up!  I hope they all heard him. Maybe one day I will ask them.  Just stop and chat and in the conversation, I will asked them if God has ever winked at them.   If they say no, I’ll just say, I’m sure he has, you just had your back turned and didn’t see it.  Turn around, let the sun shine on your face and I guarantee you will see God winking at you!

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