Friday, July 15, 2011

E is for Every

We choose different paths in our lives.  We chose our career path, our family path, our hobbies and daily interest path, and our health path.  We decide what we are doing and when we are doing it.
I choose my path.  I started with a degree in Environmental Science, Natural Resource management and here I sit, a Director of Youth Ministries.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.  That is what is so awesome about.
Every decision that we make, every person we interact with, affects our lives.  I choose to work with youth, I choose to have the ups and downs of the youth around me, I choose to have them crying on my shoulder, or laughing with me.  I choose them. 
What do you choose?  What are the every moments in your life that keep you coming back for more?  Is your everyday fulfilling?
You need to do something that you love.  You need to use the God given talents and abilities that you have been given.  Without them, you will not enjoy your every moments.  You will be void of those feelings of joy and love and will be stuck in an unfulfilling situation that makes you regret the every moments.
You will tell people that every time this or that happens it drives you insane.  Ok, yes I have those moments and when you work with people and kids you will, but are such a small portion of my every moments.
Can you say that about what you do with your life or with your career?
I love EVERY laugh, whether with me or at me, I love EVERY tear whether joyful or sorrowful, I love EVERY annoying song I have had to listen to, EVERY stressful moment that I have been put into. I love EVERY I love you that I get from the kids and even EVERY I hate you.  I hope that I make the same impact on my kids that they do on me with EVERYTHING they say and do for and with me.

Do you love everything? Do you really?

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