Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It’s such a small word.  Three letters which are always followed in some way with a question mark.  We ask why questions to our friends, family, pastors, neighbors, criminals, the television, almost anyone and everyone.  You would think there would always be an answer to the question why.  It may not be an easy answer, but at least there would be an answer.  The truth is, sometimes there is no answer to why. 
I tell the youth group all the time that God’s greatest gift that he has given us is free will.  He put in each of us the power, the right, and the responsibility to make our own decisions.  Sometimes we make great decisions and do wonderful things with the why that is placed in front of us.  Other times, we don’t.  We make truly poor decisions.  Life is full of trial and error, why, and because.
I have made mistakes in my life.  I have hurt people, been mean to people, and done the wrong thing.  I have used my free will to do things the way I have wanted them done and that has not always been the way it should be done.  We all have.
And when we do, it leaves people asking WHY?  Most of the time we can’t answer why, because our reasons for why are self motivated and selfish.  We want what we want and then we are left to answer why.  The funny thing is that most people are afraid to approach us with why and when they don’t, we continue doing the same things over and over and still not answering why we are doing it.
So what is the answer to why?

Because…? I meant too…?  I don’t know?   

Sometimes there is an answer, sometimes there isn’t.  Sometimes we just have to practice one of the hardest things to do….Forgiveness…

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