Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Original Fish Sandwich

Fast food restaurants today feed millions of people a day.  Every day people come in for hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, and yes fish sandwiches.  There are quite a few fast food restaurants with fish sandwiches but I guarantee that the original fish sandwich was created the day that Jesus feed the 5000. 

I mean come on, with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish; Jesus was able to create enough food for not only 5000 men but women and children as well and you can’t tell me that at least one person didn’t think to put the fish they were given on two pieces of the bread and create, oh yes, the very first fish sandwich. 
There are not too many ways that you can eat bread and fish and I would think the combination of the two would be great.  After the first person did it, maybe the next person thought it was a good idea and had some spices that they put on theirs to give it a little kick.  It could have been a kid that when he was handed the bread and the fish he didn’t have any place to put it so he put it on top of each other and starting eating it.
Was Jesus the first fast food chef?  I mean just think about how fast he made so much food for so many people.  I am sure the quality was far better than what you can get at a fast food restaurant now.  I bet you no fast food restaurant feeds as many people in a day as Jesus did in a matter of hours. 
So do you want a fast food fish sandwich which was frozen before it was flash fried in oil for you by some guy in a paper hat?  Or do you want the sandwich that Jesus can give you; fresh, fast, and blessed by the Lord our God?  I’ll take an original fish sandwich.  I’ll take whatever my Lord and Savior will give me.  So many others take theirs from the fast food restaurants; they don’t realize what they are missing.  Spread the news about what Jesus can give people.  Tell them it starts with a fish sandwich but it ends with eternal love for them.  I think that beats the toy that comes with the happy meal!     

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