Wednesday, July 20, 2011

G is for Groceries

Two years ago we started a new local mission project at our church called Feed the 5000.  Every summer we go away for a week long mission project but our youth group really wanted to do something to give back to the community.  We decided on a canned food drive where we would attempt to collect 5000 cans of food to bring to our local food pantry. 

We wanted to make a difference in our community and just like Jesus feed the 5000, we wanted to be able to do the same.  Our youth have really embraced it, so much so that two years ago we collected over 6000 cans of food and last year we collected over 7000 cans of food. 
We collect for three months and then in late October we have a weekend event. It is a Friday to Saturday.  The first part is that after lunch on Friday our youth and adults start to fast, or go without food.  We do this for thirty one hours over the weekend to simulate what it must be like for someone to go without food.  During this time we pack a truck with all the food that we have collected at the church and then after a fun scavenger hunt through Raleigh, we meet at a local grocery store to spend money that we have raised through a car wash and yard sale on food. 
The youth go through the aisles and collect different canned and boxed food.  They go to the back of the store where lots of canned goods are still on pallets ready for us to take them in bulk. 
Some of the youth help to mark the upc symbols off the back of the cans while others load them in boxes.  Still another crew is outside loading it in the truck.
This is an amazing mission project because of the food we are collecting, the teamwork of our youth, the loving and caring spirit of our adults and youth, the dedication to the mission and the true feeling of Jesus using us to continue his work here on earth. 
We may not have fish and loaves but I am sure you can find some canned tuna and a box of crackers.  That’s what we fill our baskets with and that is what we deliver to the people of our community. 

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