Sunday, July 10, 2011

People I see…

Sometimes I wonder about people I see,
I always wonder if they are like me,
Some are angry and full of mad,
Some are depressed and very sad,
Some are so happy and often smile,
Some want to visit and stay for awhile,
I think about these people as I walk by,
And wonder if I catch their eye,
Because I want to know if they met Jesus yet,
Most of them haven’t that would be my bet,
For if they had they might not be so sad,
Or depressed or frustrated or even mad,
For when you find Jesus everything changes,
 And differently you emotions Jesus arranges,
So that one doesn't over take you and cause you such pain,
Because through his love you have everything to gain,
Through his love in this world together are we,
I wish that I could help all those people I see…

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