Saturday, July 16, 2011


               Lemons are really sour and tart.  I just ate a lemon.  I cut it into fourths, pulled away the peeling and ate the lemon.  I bet you would’ve laughed if you could of seen my face.  I love the tartness of lemons.  I got that from my dad.  He really likes lemon cookies.  The difference between a lemon and lemon cookies is what is added to the cookie.  Sugar, flour, vanilla, all these ingredients help to make the cookie sweet and the lemon favor just right.  The same goes for lemonade or lemon drops candy.  It is the sugar or sweetness mixed with the flavor of the lemon that tastes so great.

I think a lemon is a lot like life.  Life is often sour and tart.  Car problems, sickness, money, relationships, school, work, family and friends, all these things affect our lives.  One day the lemon of life can be really sour and tart, almost too sour and tart to handle, another day that sour and tart taste might be just right.    
So what do we do to make life sweeter?  What can we do to make lemon cookies or lemonade with life? 

Just add sugar…

If we add sugar to our life lemon, we will have a sweet, wonderful life instead of a tart sour one.  How do we add sugar?  We do the things in life that make us happy.  Go for a walk, paint a picture, collect baseball cards, go to the beach, play with the kids, play a board game, go to the pool, eat something good, watch sports, play golf, garden, take a pottery class, take an acting class, learn to dance, go to the movies, tell your husband or wife you love them, set goals, spend time with your family, go to church, build something, cook something, pray, enroll in a class, watch your kids play, take pictures or just take a nap.

Do things that make you happy.  Take time for you and your family.  If you add that sweetener to your life then the tartness and sourness on those bad lemon days won’t sting so bad.
The saying is when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  What are you waiting for?  Add the sweetener that will turn your life from lemons to lemonade.

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