Thursday, November 3, 2011

ACC Week 10 Eric’s “Predictions”

Well I went 3 and 3 last week.  Virginia shocked Miami and Boston College actually pulled it out which means that Maryland is just that bad.  Georgia Tech also set up a matchup with Virginia Tech for the Coastal Division Title by beating Clemson.  If anyone was going t beat Clemson, it was Georgia Tech.  So let’s see how I fare this week.

Last week      3-3                   Overall                       39-20

Florida State vs. Boston College:  Boston College got its first ACC win last week over Maryland.  Florida State has been on a role.  It’s a shame E J Manual was hurt for those first two ACC games.   I don’t see Florida State losing another game this season, so my pick this week is Florida State.

Virginia vs. Maryland:  I have picked Maryland a couple of times this year and every time I do they lose.  Virginia has looked really good at times this year and are a scary team because you don’t know which team is going to show up for the game.  Virginia has a shot to win the Coastal Division if they can stay with just one ACC lost until they play Virginia Tech.  However I still think Maryland is due for a win so I am back and forth on this one.  My pick this week is Maryland.  I can dream can’t I? 

North Carolina vs. NC State:  This is a big game for both schools.  For the past 5 years I believe, NC State has beaten North Carolina.  It has been crazy.  Both are capable of winning the game.  It comes down to which North Carolina team and which NC State team is going to show up for the game.  I think it is North Carolina’s year.  My pick this week is North Carolina. 

Duke vs. Miami:  This has upset written all over it.  Miami is coming off a terrible performance and sooner or later Duke is going to get a big ACC win.  They almost had it last weekend.  I don’t think this is the week they pull it off although it wouldn’t surprise me.  My pick is Miami. 

Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest:  As I said last week I felt like Wake was getting a little too much hype.  They haven’t played that great.  Notre Dame is a good team although not the powerhouse they used to be.  Who knows you might see them in the ACC someday.  Either way, I think they are too good for Wake, so my pick is Notre Dame. 

 1 LSU vs. 2 Alabama:  This is a huge game.  I don’t do top 25 games, just ACC games but I thought I should weigh in on this one.  This game should probably be the championship game this year but there teams won’t get that opportunity because they have to play each other now.  I have seen a lot of LSU this year and I really like what I see.  Alabama is a good team, but my pick is LSU.

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