Thursday, November 17, 2011

Game Day!

For only the second time this year i am in Blacksburg to see the Hokies play.  It has been an up and down season but I have been pleasantly surprise this year.  Although I want to win this game as always!  We will still have a chance to win the coastal division by beating Virginia if you lose to Carolina.  I am just going to try and enjoy the game and the 35 degree weather.  It could be a really exciting game.  I hope we show up.

I love game day but its the anticipation that kills me.  I can't wait for the game to start. I want to hurry the day along so that we can get to the game.  Not that the hours before the game are a waste, but I want so badly to see the game and cheer on my Hokies!  It will be exciting when game time gets here but at the same time, it will quickly be gone.  Three hours sitting in the freezing cold and watching the Hokies not play to their potential.  There will be frustrating times and exciting times.  It may be a great night or a huge disappointment.

Often in life we have these situations come up, whether it is a concert, going the amusement park, a movie you can't wait to see, sporting events, or other activities.  We want to rush through life to get to these events and we waste time.  We don't pay attention to the time that we have before the game or event.  We need to slow down sometimes and realize that the time before a game or event is just as important to us as the actual event.

Get excited for events and games, but be excited about life in general.  Don't allow it to get away from you or miss out on opportunities or hours in the day.  We only get so many of them.  Do something fun, or productive in the time you have before your big event.  I am getting ready to take Coleen and Shannon on a tour of Blacksburg, Virginia.  That should be fun and exciting as well as spending time with people I care about! 

I can't wait for the game!  Go Hokies at 8pm tonight! Until then let's go Coleen, Eric, and Shannon! 

No time to waste!

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