Monday, November 14, 2011

ACC week 12 Eric's "Predictions"

I have to do my picks early this week because I am headed up to the Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina game on Wednesday.

Last week I went 5 and 1.  My Hokies pulled out the win but NC State let me down.  I don’t know how you can beat  North Carolina but lose to Boston College.  Boston College has been a thorn in my side this year, winning when I don’t choose them and losing when I do.  Oh well let’s get to the picks!

Last week:  5-1                                              Overall:  48-23

 North Carolina vs.  Virginia Tech:  My hope is that the game on Thursday night gets the Hokies going.  Although they have only lost one game all year they have looked sloppy doing it.  Last week they came to play on both sides of the ball and it was a lot of fun to watch.  North Carolina has played well during the year.  They have lost some games I expected them to win.  I want the Hokies to play in the ACC championship.  My pick is the Virginia Tech Hokies!  I can’t wait to get to Blacksburg although I am bringing some Carolina fans with me! 

Georgia Tech vs. Duke:  Georgia Tech is a good football team.  That option game is scary and really hard to beat.  Duke has had some good games this year.  They played Virginia Tech very hard, but I think the option will be too much for them.  My pick is Georgia Tech.

Maryland vs. Wake Forest:  Maryland got stomped by Notre Dame, and Wake played a really tough game against Clemson.  I was very impressed with Wake’s effort.  Maryland has let me down so much this year.  I don’t know what happened to them.  My pick for this game is Wake Forest.

Miami vs. South Florida:  Miami comes and goes.  Sometimes they are really good and sometimes they are really bad.  South Florida hasn’t done much this year and struggled in conference play.  I think Miami will put a good game together after losing to Florida State last week.  They will not want to lose to another in state school.  My pick is Miami.

7 Clemson vs. North Carolina State:  Clemson secured the Atlantic Coast Division spot in the Championship game on Saturday.  I really want a rematch with them.  I think we will get it.  This game doesn’t mean much to Clemson so NC State could catch them sleeping but I don’t think they will.  I think Clemson gets off to a hot start and plays well against State.  My pick is Clemson.

Boston College vs. Notre Dame:  Boston College got a good win against NC State on Saturday.  Notre Dame crushed Maryland.  I think that this game could start out close because of location but I think that Notre Dame will be the stronger team.  My pick is Notre Dame. If Notre Dame wins they will be 3 and 0 against the ACC this year.  Should they join the conference?

Virginia vs. 25 Florida State: Florida State has gotten themselves ranked again after that three game losing streak.  Virginia has played really well this year.  The Virginia vs. Virginia Tech game could have meaning behind it this year.  However, I think that Florida State will beat Virginia this week.  I think they are too good of a team for Virginia.  My pick is Florida State. I think Virginia loses and Virginia Tech wins giving Virginia Tech the spot in the Championship for the Coastal division. 

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