Monday, November 7, 2011

A Stranger forgave me

Last week I put a few things on ebay to sell.  One of the items was two unopened, still wrapped,  Christmas DVDs that I had duplicates of (I love my Christmas Movies!).  Someone immediately bought them.  This morning I found a box in the apartment but I couldn't find packing tape so I was going to go to Walmart and buy some tape.  I put the DVDs in the box I had, grabbed my other stuff and headed out the door.  I locked my door and started to walk down the corridor.

I took two steps and in one continuous motion, the bottom of the box I was holding, opened up and one of the DVDs not only fell to the ground but because it happened so quick and was so close to me, I stepped on the corner of the DVD breaking it and ripping the shrink wrap.  I just stood there for a minute.  In my head I kept saying "Are you serious!"  Did that really just happen.  Not only did I drop it, but I crushed the corner of the box.

Now if this was just a DVD of mine, it would be no big deal because I would just replace the box, but I had sold this to someone on Ebay.  I was worried about what they would think of me and that I lied when I posted the picture of the DVDs. The last think you want to do is get bad feedback on Ebay.  Your reputation is very important in the online auction world.  I was worried now.

I drove over to Walmart to buy the box and tape that I needed.  While there I looked through the DVDs to see if they had the same one for like $5.00.  I couldn't find it there.  Side note, Walmart was playing Christmas music today!!!! WAY to EARLY!!!  Anyway, while I was waiting to check out, it hit me.  I am selling this DVD because I have my own copy.  I can just trade out the cases.  I drove back home and spent the next twenty minutes tearing through boxes looking for other DVD.  I found every Christmas movie I owned except for this one.  I was freaking out a little.

After looking through one more box, it hit me, the DVD of this movie I have came as part of a set. It was one of those sets that have the very small, thin DVD cases.  I found the box set and there it was, a thin version of the crushed DVD.  Well that idea went out the window.  I decided that I would send an extra DVD case with the movie so that they buyer could switch it out if they wanted to.  I then emailed the buyer and told them what happened.  I apologized and offered to refund half their money for the broken cased DVD.

I then went to the post office and mailed the DVDs.  I waited the rest of the afternoon to get a response to my email.  It took a while but I finally got one later this evening.  The buyer was so kind and told me that she was just going to keep the DVDs for her family and watch them at home.  She thanked me for telling her because she has had experience on Ebay were people haven't. 

I had worried all day for nothing because this kind caring person was very nice and didn't think I was trying to rip her off or anything.  She believed me when I told her what happened.  It made me feel good because she could of easily asked for her money back.  In today's world we don't always find people that are forgiving and honest.  We need to be those people.  Everyone makes mistakes and as friends and family it is easy to forgive.  It takes a true forgiver to forgive someone you don't even know.  I hope that the next time I am in a situation like that that I can pay it forward!  Thanks for making the end of my day so great when there was such a rough beginning. 

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