Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What type of phone is your Spiritual Journey?

These days everyone has a cell phone from middle school students to Grandma and Grandpa. All these cell phone are different. Each one has a different look to them, different features and programs on them, and different carriers that provide the services. Although they have all these differences they all have one thing in common. They all provide a direct line of communication between the owner of the phone and the world around us.  This is just like our Spiritual Journeys.  Although we all walk a different walk and take different paths along the way, we all are focused on God and have him as the center of our lives.  So which type of phone is your Spiritual Journey? 

Is your journey a short one that feels like it is going nowhere?  You can’t seem to get started and you are not able to move freely between different types of spiritual growth.  This is because your spiritual journey is like a corded telephone.  This phone is stationary.  Not only is it in one place like the landline in a house, but it is also designated to a certain room.  You can’t move freely while you talk to people.  You need to be able to do this on your Spiritual Journey.  You need to be able to try things freely and worship in different ways.  Being stuck in one place and only willing to do things one way will cause your journey to be very stationary just like a corded phone. 

The prepaid cell phone allows you to pay for your minutes as you go.  This is a great feature; however you end up at times out of minutes and needing to make a phone call.  It is convenient until you run out.  Is that what your Spiritual Journey looks like?  Do you only take the journey when it is convenient for you?  When good things are happening to you do you spend time and energy on other things instead of your journey?  Do you not pay for more minutes through prayer, worship, and bible study, and therefore you don’t continue on your Spiritual Journey? 

Maybe your journey is like a regular cell phone.  You have a plan which allows you to call and text others.  There are no special features but you can communicate with those around you.  If your Spiritual Journey is like this phone then you probably only go to Sunday worship and don’t spend time on other ways that can help you grow spiritually.  This phone would be a great way for someone to start their spiritual walk but in order to grow and take different paths on our journey we need to broaden our horizons and spend time in prayer and study on top of our weekly worship. 

The type of phone that you should model your Spiritual Journey after is a smart phone.  Smart phones provide the user with all types of communication opportunities.  You can make a call, text someone, email, use twitter, communication through facebook, get on the internet, there are applications that you can use, and some even let you have a video conference with another person.  They cost a lot more than the regular cell phone, but they provide some many added features and make it so easy to communicate.   

If your Spiritual Journey is like a smart phone then you are taking advantage of different opportunities to grow your spirituality.  You attend worship services, you go to bible studies, you are a part of small groups, you attend Sunday school, you take time to pray, you participate in mission opportunities and trips, you tithe to the church, and you make your spiritual path an important part of your life.  All these features of your Spiritual Journey are like the features of the smart phone.  Each one allows you to communicate with God in a different way.  You use all the options that are available to you.  Yes, it may cost you more in time and dedication then the other phone (Spiritual Journey) options, but isn’t it all worth it.? Just like the smart phone is worth it to communicate with people, your Spiritual smart Journey is just as worth it. 

Which type of phone is your Spiritual journey?  I suggest you get a smart phone.   

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