Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ACC week 11 Eric’s “Predictions”

Last week North Carolina again as every week goes, Maryland let me down again!  Well I still got four picks right as I picked LSU it win against Alabama.  This week is going to be really hard on a couple of games so let’s get to it!

Last week: 4 -2                                  Overall:                      43-22

10 Virginia Tech vs. 21 Georgia Tech: This is such a tough game to predict.  The Hokies haven’t shown up for a complete game yet this year.  The defense is hurting bad with so many guys out for the year.  The offense put up a lot of yards against Duke but only two touchdowns.  Virginia Tech always seems to be given a bad rap for barely winning football games but the funny thing is they win football games.  It is so hard to be a fan when you expect them to blow somebody out and they don’t.  Georgia Tech is coming off a huge game where their offense looks really good and is scary.  We have never fared well against the option and we have given up a lot of yards.  This is at Georgia Tech on the national stage, a Thursday night game.  It will really depend on which Hokie team shows up.  They are not getting a lot of love from the websites I go to that predict the outcome of the game.  Everyone has the Hokies losing.  I have decided to go with what seems to be the upset and I my pick for tomorrow night’s game is Virginia Tech!  Go Hokies!
Wake Forest vs. 9 Clemson:  I saw a lot out of Wake Forest last week.  They really played a complete game and had a chance to win.  Clemson is a tough team to play and I was really shocked that they got beat so badly by Georgia Tech.   I don’t think Wake has enough in the tank to beat Clemson.  They really need to work on the passing game.  We will see what happens but my pick this week is Clemson.
Duke vs. Virginia:  Man Duke has had Virginia’s number the past couple of years.  I really think that this could be a close game.  I really want Duke to win so that Virginia has another loss, but it might not matter much depending on tomorrow night’s game.  I think Virginia is playing well right now and they will get another W.  My pick is Virginia.
Miami vs. Florida State:  This should be a really great game.  I wish I could watch.  Both of these teams have played well this year.  I think Florida State is on a roll.  Miami has been up and down.  If both quarterbacks are hot and on target this game could be really high scoring.  I think that Florida State has the advantage though so my pick is Florida State.
North Carolina State vs. Boston College:  The wolfpack looked good on Saturday. At least their defense did.  I am not sure about the offense.  Boston College has its work cut out for it I think.  I wish Boston College had been better this year but I think they are going to be thrown to the wolves this week.  My pick is N.C. State!
Maryland vs. Notre Dame:  I am not spending time analyzing this game.  Maryland has let me down for weeks.  My pick is Notre Dame.

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