Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ACC YOU pick em Challenge Week 1

Do you think you can pick who will win each ACC game this year?  Here is your chance to show us how good you are at picking the winners.

Below you will find the first week's ACC games (minus 2nd round and beyond tournament games because there is no way to tell who is moving on). 

Post a comment to this post with your picks for the games.  They are numbered so next to each number write the winner of the game.  Also make up a team name for yourself and put that at the top of your comment post.

To post a comment, at the bottom of the post there will be a comment space if  you click on the title of the this blog post first.  When you have finished, you have choose what you will post under.  Click the arrow and go down to anonymous.  Select that and click post.  It will then ask you to authenticate the post by rewriting the word in the box.  Once you do this it will post.  It will be important to make sure you put your team name at the top.  You will probably have to print the game schedule so that you can look at it as you write down your picks.
I will post the games one week ahead so that you have time to make your choices.  Each week after this week will start on a Monday and end on Sunday.  You will have to have your game picks in by Monday at 10:00 am in order to participate.

I will post the leader board each week and we will see who has the best week and year! We will follow it up with the ACC tournament You Pick em!  It's all for fun so lets see what ya got!

This week is a short week to make your picks, sorry about that!

Your picks are due by Friday, 11/11/11 at noon!


1. Jacksonville @ Florida State

2. Loyola @ Wake Forest
3. North Carolina (1) vs. Michigan State

4. Tennessee Tech @ Miami

5. UNC Asheville @ NC State

6.  Florida A&M @ Georgia Tech

7. Gardner-Webb @ Clemson

8. Belmont @ Duke (6)


9. ETSU @ Virginia Tech

10. Presbyterian @ Duke (6)

11. South Carolina State @ Virginia

12. North Carolina (1) @ UNC Asheville Asheville
13. Morehead State @ NC State

14. UNC Wilmington @ Maryland


15. Delaware State @ Georgia Tech

16. Monmouth @ Virginia Tech

17. New Hampshire @ Boston College

18. UCF @
Florida State

19. Duke (6) vs. Michigan State

20. Rutgers @ Miami

21.Winthrop @ Virginia


22. Georgia Southern @ Wake Forest

23. Princeton @ NC State

24. Stetson @ Florida State

25. Clemson @ The Citadel


26. Maryland vs. Alabama (19)

27. Georgia Tech vs. Saint Joseph's


28. Davidson @ Duke

29. Virginia vs. TCU  

30. Boston College @ Holy Cross


31. NC State vs. Vanderbilt (7)

32. College of Charleston @ Clemson

33. North Florida @ Miami


34. Mississippi Valley State @ North Carolina (1)

35. South Alabama @ Florida State

36. North Carolina Central @ Wake Forest

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