Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come and go

This past Saturday morning I was in the mountains with a group of my youth kids on a retreat.  I was awoken by a text message. I stumbled across the room to answer the text, my eyes barely open, and the taste of sleep in my mouth.  I picked up my phone and read the text. "Is it snowing?" I shook off my sleepy state and went to the window and pulled up the curtains.  I peered out to see that everything was covered a white dusting of snow that was still lightly falling.  Smiling really big, I sent a text back. "Yes it is"  I said.

I ran upstairs and woke everyone else up so they could get a look at it before it disappeared.  Everyone was so excited they grabbed their cameras and started taking pictures.  I believe that this is the first time I have ever scene snow in October.  It is so calming to me to be outside when it is snowing.  You don't hear anything but the snow gentling landing on the trees and ground around you.  It sort of makes a sound buffer where you don't hear other noises.

As part of our first activity we had to do a trust walk and were supposed to do it outside.  We bundled up and went outside.  We not only did a trust walk, but we did a trust fall as well.  It was really neat to do these activities in the snow.  After a few snowballs were formed and pictures were taken, we gathered back up and went inside.

After lunch and another session, we had some free time.  I wanted to take another look at the snow covered mountains but when I opened the door to the back porch and looked out, the snow was gone.  The only snow you could see was on the mountains in the distance.  The tops were covered, but everything else had cleared up.

A lot of things in life come and go.  One minute they are there and the next minute they are gone.  People come and go in our lives.  Time comes and goes.  We often move from place to place.  We move from elementary school, to middle school, to college, and then the real world.  Seasons come and go from the warm spring to the hot summer.  Life comes and goes.  There is a beginning and end.

I believe that we need to spend our lives living in the moment and not allowing it to pass by unnoticed.  Too often we take for granted the things we have and the people in our lives.  We get to busy to pay attention to our family, friends, and children.  Before you know it, you baby is all grown up.  Don't allow that to happen.  Take time to live in the moment.  Take time to enjoy situations and people.  Enjoy your life before it too has come and gone.

I am just happen we had time to play in the snow this weekend before it was gone.  I am just glad I got to spend a weekend with the amazing people I did.  I am so happy that I have the people I have in my life and I promise not to miss out on life before it is gone. 

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