Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It’s about the Youth!

Most of you know what is going on at Penn State right now.  I won’t go into details but it is truly horrible and upsetting, especially to someone who works with youth for a living.  There are a lot of people in this world that need help.  Unfortunately a lot of them don’t get it and that is why things like what is happening at Penn State happen.  I can’t imagine a youth that I know going through something like that. 

I started working with youth because I found a passion for it while at the YMCA.  I was called into ministry and have dedicated myself to the understanding, care, and loving of the youth that are involved in my program.  Each of them deserves just as much time and respect as the others.  They all have a special place in my heart, our mentors’ hearts and our church’s hearts.  They come to us from different backgrounds.  Each has their own problems, phobias, flaws, gifts, inner beauty, and personalities.  They are all unique in their own way and that is what makes working with them so fun.

I have dealt with a lot of things when it comes to my youth, some of them terrible and hard to fix while other times it was an easy fix.   Each problem or situation is equally important.  This is their lives and although they might not have all the problems and concerns of the adult world, there are still a lot of hard decisions and life changing actions going on for them.   When they are youth group age, they have to make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives.

This is way I say that it is all about the Youth.  I know that it is my job to have that mentality but I would say that anyway.  It is obvious that they need a safe place to be.  They need people that love them and care about them and will be there for them when they need someone to listen to them.  Our youth program provides that for them.  We want to teach our youth to be Christ like and in order to do that, we need to be Christ like.  Life provides to many opportunities for them as well as mentors to act in a manner that is not Christ like.

If we can teach them that, provide them with a safe place to be, have activities that help them grow spiritually but are fun at the same time, they will grow up with the love of Christ in their hearts.  I may not be perfect in what I say and do when it comes to our youth program, but I love my youth and I try really hard to be that shining light for them.  I want our youth group to be that beacon of hope for those that are drowning in the sea of life.  It’s about the youth, not one of you but all of you.  You are the future of this world we live in and we must help mold you into who you will be.  Live life, love life, center your life, and then you shall find Christ.

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