Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Broken Storm Door

My storm door is broken.  Sometimes the wind catches it and causes it to slam shut.  The glass is falling out and the door doesn't sit plum in the door frame.  If you have it open there is a draft at the top and bottom of the door. There are screws sticking out if it where they had to try and fix it so it would stay together.   I had to install an inside hook to keep it shut because it doesn't lock and often swings open.  When I leave to go to work I try to latch it but as I walk around the corner I hear it release and slide from the latch. 

Why am I talking about my broken storm door.  I think my storm door is a lot like some of us.  Yes it might be broken and not work properly, it might be beat up and look like it has seen better days, it might allow a draft into the house, but it does work,  It does keep the wind out.  It does sit correctly when I lock it with my hook.  It does allow me to open my front door and still have some protection.

We also are hurting sometimes.  We have scars both emotionally and physically. we don't look our best physically sometimes.  We do sometimes need someone to hold us up so we don't fall down, like my hook holds my door closed, but we are beautiful.  We are individuals.  We stand alone and no matter what people say or do, we will stand up for what we beleive in.  we may not be perfect, we may not always be the best looking or best functioning door, but we will always be there for support and will stand the test of time.

God makes us iin different shapes and sizes.  Just like the many storm doors that don the doorways of my apartment complex.  We are individuals and no matter what we look like or how hard the winds of life have beaten on us, we will stand for God.  We will stand for the love of God!

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