Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unleash the Beast

This afternoon I went to the Dollar Store to look for a couple of things for our upcoming Dinner and a Show.  I was sort of in my own little world looking at things and surveying the candy isle (I didn't buy any candy).  All of the sudden I head some yelling "Unleash the Beast."  I turned to see who it was but I couldn't see them.  I just thought it was someone being stupid, but when I left my isle and headed toward another, a gentleman passed me.  Just as he got next to me he yelled "Unleash the Beast, are you all ready because I'm about to unleash the beast."

I was startled and taken aback by it.  I sort of stepped back honestly hoping he didn't see me and take offense to it.  I continued walking but noticed that others in the store where watching him as he walked along.  I lost track of him and had decided that there was nothing I wanted to buy at this time so I was putting my basket back when he came up past the registered and screamed, "Unleash the Beast, it is about to get ugly in here."  He then proceeded to walk past everyone at this point and out the front door.

A couple of parents grabbed there kids that were running around the store and held them.  Myself and a another gentleman walked to the front door and stood just inside of it.  We weren't sure what he was going to do and although we didn't know each other we seemed to be on the same wavelength.  We were going to confront him if he walked back into the store.

I watched him as he walked through the parking lot and up to the road.  He stopped to tie his shoe.  It took me a minute to realize what he was doing because tying his shoe is not what I pictured him doing.  He ran across the street and started to walk down one way until he saw a city bus coming which made him turn around and run the other way to the bus stop.  I watched him pay for seat and sit down on the bus.

The other gentleman just sort of nodded at me and we both went on our way.  I went out to my car and drove over to the Walmart.  I was thinking so many thoughts in my head.  I stopped the car when I pulled into the parking spot, turned it off and just sat there.  After a few minutes I prayed for this man I had just met.  I prayed that if he is sick that he find the help he needs.  If he is upset that he finds someone to talk to.  I prayed that if he has a beast inside that somehow that beast could be soothed before he hurt someone.  I prayed for the people of the world because you just don't know who you are going to encounter and what is going to happened.  I prayed that he finds peace and love.

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