Wednesday, March 7, 2012

who I am...

I wonder some times who I am,

if I am flunking this life exam.

The world moves so fast around me,

It's hard to take time to stop and see.

All my stuggles and problems weigh heavy on my shoulders,

Like two 20 ton rocks or boulders.

Life kicks me and I often fall down,

And the flood waters rush so fast around me I feel like I am going to drown.

But then I feel his hand reach out for me,

and when I open my eyes more clearly I see.

For Jesus stands with me now no matter how hard I struggle,

and all my problems and fears he helps me to juggle.

 His love rushes over me and holds me tight,

and I can feel him to my left and to my right.

Jesus stands in front of me and the flood water he does dam,

for they will no longer wash over me and hide who I am.

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