Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tournament Time...

This time of year is so much fun even if you don't follow college basketball the rest of the year.  Everyone starts over with a clean slate and teams that barely make the tournament have just as much of a chance as those that are in first or second seed positions.  Who knows who will win the ACC tournament this year or the NCAA tournament.  I do know that there will be upsets, heart ache, thrilling endings, crying, pain, and extreme joy.  It will be a roller coaster of a month. 

It's funny because basically tournament time is like life all rolled up into one experience.  Through out our lives we have great times when we achieve great things and accomplish the goals we set to accomplish, just like those high seeded teams that full fill their destiny and win the tournament.  Other times in life we are like David and Goliath, we are the underdog.  We are not expected to complete a task or solve a problem because of our lack of experience or maybe a fear that we have.  But at that instant we step out of the box or we put the time or energy into finding the answer so just like David, we are able to beat the giant issue or problem when others don't think we will.

We have times in life when great things happen and we are so excited.  Finding a new job, having a baby, getting a wonderful Christmas present.  Those experiences are what it must feel like when you hit the game winning shot as the clock expires.  Unfortunately we have the exact opposite feelings as well when we are on the other side of that shot going in.  We have extremely pain and suffering like losing a loved one, or a job, or becoming ill with a sickness or disease. 

Life is up and down just like the tournament.  There will be wining moments and there will be losing moments.  We have highs and we have lows.  I think the thing that will help us the most during these highs and lows is to choose the right coach.  A lot of the time people forget that no matter what skills you bring to the table if you have the right coach you can do great things.

So my suggestion is if you don't have the same coach as me and are struggling a lot in life, then you need to be a part of my team and have my coach and his staff in your life.  Miracle finishes happen a lot when you have my coaching staff.  Situations and problems that cause suffering are not as bad when you have my coaching staff.  Living into your potential is so much easier when you have my coaching staff.  There is unconditional love when you choose my coaching staff. 

My coach is God.  He loves me and always wants me to win, but when times are tough and I am losing he is always there for me.  He is flanked on his right and left by his assistant coaches, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Together they make up for one awesome team.  If you haven't already you need to choose this coaching staff, and if you have chosen them and things are still hard are you actually listening and following the game plan? 

Make sure you do because they will stand behind you no matter if you are on a winning streak or a losing streak.  They will pick you up when you are down, hand you some Gatorade and put you back on the court.  It's so much fun to play for a coach that knows what he is doing!

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