Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness has begun

It is so crazy.  I created a tournament bracket for all of us from church to play together.  I made my initial picks and then changed them and then changed then and then changed them one more time.  Each time I changed was because a heard a different report from someone about a team. 

Then I waited for today to come.  I planned my day so that I could set my computer up at work and watch off and on as I worked on stuff for the dinner and a show.  It was a great set up and some great games.  I stopped to let the girls practice their song and then I was back to watching again. 

My UNC-Ashville Bulldogs were a sixteen seed and played their hearts out today and almost beat the first seeded Syracuse.  I was really impressed as I was driving home listening to the game.  When I got home I warmed up a TV dinner, and now I sit with one game on my laptop and one on the TV. 

I was so engrossed in the Wichita State vs VCU game that I was nervous at the end when Wichita State had a chance to tie it.  So far they are my only wrong pick. 

It is so crazy but I love it.  I wish that I could get as excited at other things in my life as I do when the tournament is on.  If I could get as excited about eating right or losing weight.  If I could get as excited about writing so that I could write a book.  There are so many ifs.  I think it is time to make one of those a reality.  God has given me gifts but it is up to me to choose to use them to the best of my ability.  I think I shall do that! 

I am going to continue to watch March Madness and enjoy it but after my hectic three week span, I am going to create a little madness of my own.  Let the fun begin!

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