Monday, March 12, 2012

The Good Samaritan

In confermation class yesterday we were discussing the bible.  We had four different versions of the bible and we took the time to go through each one and discuss the similarities and differences.  We read the story of the good samaritan in each bible.  In each of the texts it reads that there is a priest that passes by the injuried man on the road and doesn't help him. 

Some of the kids started to discuss whether or not our pastor would stop and help out someone that was in that postion.  Every one of them after joking about it agreed that he would stop and help out a person in distress. They also said Philip and I would too. 

The funny thing is I told them this story and they just laughed at me but it was ironicly similar.  Now I must state that the pastor did offer to help me first.  Please note that even though the rest of the story is funny. 

One day I was sitting at my desk and I wasn't feeling very good.  I was nodding off now and then and really needed to just get up and go home to bed.  After working on a couple of things, I nodded off with my head leaning backward and my body pushed back in my chair causing too much pressure to one side of the chair.  One of the wheels snapped off and sent me tumbling backward in the chair with a loud crash. 

The next thing I hear is yelling down the hallway and people running to my office.  Everyone on the hall came to see if I was okay.  They ran in and saw me laying on the floor.  I just looked up and smiled at them.  I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and somehow during the fall the hood swung up and when I hit the ground I was wearing it.  I just smiled and said I was good.

Everyone laughed and our pastor said "now is this a run and get help situation or a laugh and take pictures?"  I told him it was laugh and take pictures, which he imeditately ran to his office, got his camera, and took pictures. Then sent it out as an email.  It was really funny.  After he took pictures, they helped me off the ground and I went home to bed.

Although that really isn't like the Samaritan story it was funny and got the kids engaged in converstation.  God works in mysterious ways. 

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