Saturday, March 17, 2012

Twas the Day of the Show!

Twas the day of the Show, and all through the church,

Eric was stirring, for spaghetti he did search,

The tables were all set nice and neat in a row,

Around each table ten chairs did go.

The microphones were set properly up on the stage,

all the props were neatly put in a closet backstage,

The signs Delaney made filled Eric with glee,

And the drinks were being readied like good old sweet tea.

The church was filled with excitement on this St. Patrick's Day,

As the ASP participants stopped to pray,

Oh Lord let this be fruitful so we can go do your work,

Because being able to help others is an excellent perk.

We will go out and show your love to everyone we meet,

And with a smiling face and a loving heart every person we will greet,

For you give us this chance and ability to shine,

We know if we trust in you all things will align.

We want to make houses safer, drier and warmer,

So bless us to sow the ASP garden like a farmer,

May the food be hot and the entertainment just great,

For going to ASP only a few months we have to wait.

We will work hard and prove we are worthy to you,

So that when we go on ASP you will see us through,

Thank you dear Lord it's time for the show,

Amen, thank you again and away we go!!!!

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