Friday, September 9, 2011

ACC Week 2 Eric's "Predictions"

I wanted to start this last week but I got caught up in the excitement of going to the game so we will start with week 2.  These are my predictions of who will win each ACC game this week.  I am no where near good enough to predict the scores! Here we Go:

Rutgers vs North Carolina:  This could be an interesting game.  Rutgers has come a long way in football and each year has produced a pretty solid team.  Even through North Carolina has gone through a lot of trouble lately, I think they are an overlooked dark horse in the ACC.  I don't think people are giving them the credit they deserve and I think they are going to sneak up on some people.  My brother went to Rutgers, and I have about 15 friends that are Carolina fans.  I think it will be a close game, but my pick is the Tarheels of North Carolina.  Sorry Brett.

6 Stanford vs Duke:  Duke really disappointed me last week in the game vs Richmond.  I thought for sure they would pull it out but they just can't get over the hump and win the games they should.  Stanford is an awesome football team.  Andrew Luck is amazing. It would take a huge upset for Duke to win this game.  Although I would love for the ACC to get a signature upset and huge win, I just don't see it happening.  My pick is Stanford.  Sorry Ben.

11 Virginia Tech vs East Carolina:  This game scares me a lot!  I think that my Hokies look really good this year, but a couple of years ago when I had to sit with the ECU band, they really let me down.  ECU is an explosive offensive machine, but their defense is not very good.  My Hokies played an awesome game last Saturday in every aspect of the game but this will be Logan Thomas' first starting away game.  I think my Hokies have a good chance of winning every game this year but this will be the first test.  My pick is Virginia Tech.  Go Hokies.  Sorry Lucia, Ellen, Glen, and the rest of the people that I know who go to ECU!

North Carolina State vs Wake Forest:  This is the second in conference game of the year.  This could be an interesting game.  Although Wake Forest would a way to lose to Syracuse, I still believe they are much improved from last year.  NC State looks good this year.  I like Mike Glennon (not just because he is Sean Glennon's brother).  They have a solid team and should make a bowl game this year.  This could be a close game but my pick is the wolf-pack of North Carolina State. There ya go Julia!

Clemson vs Wofford:  This is an easy game to pick.  Clemson should put a hurting on Wofford.  If that doesn't happen then Clemson is going to have problems all year.  With that being said, my pick is Clemson.

CSU vs 5 Florida State:  Next week Florida State has a real game.  This week is just practice.  My pick is Florida State by a whole lot!

Virginia vs Indiana:  This is an interesting game.  Virginia looked really good last week and has made some vast improvements from a year ago.  I think they are going to only get better each week.  Indiana is more of  a basketball school than a football school but these are the games that trip rebuilding teams like Virginia up.  Still I think they will pull it off so my pick is Virginia.

Georgia Tech vs Mid Tennessee:  This shouldn't be a close game.  If it is Georgia Tech has a lot to worry about.  I like their offense but there defense has always had issues.  We will see what happens as the year goes along, but my pick is Georgia Tech by at least 3 touchdowns.  

Boston College vs UCF:  Honestly this game should be the best of the weekend.  These two teams should be very evenly matched.  Boston College let me down last weekend and lost unexpectedly.  I think they are the better football team but the university of Central Florida  is good. This one should be close and although my heart says Boston College, my head, and my pick is UCF.  UPDATE:  after watching a piece on September 11th and hearing what Boston College will be doing for their uniform tribute on Saturday, I think that will give them the extra spark they need.  My pick is Boston College in a close game. 

Well there you have it, my ACC picks for this week.  We shall see how it goes. Lot's of football tomorrow!  Can't wait!

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