Thursday, September 29, 2011

ACC Week 5 Eric's "Predictions"

Well last week the ACC was aweful.  They lost some games that honestly they should of won.  We went from having an awesome week where we really showed that we were a good football conference to one of the lowest weeks probably in the history of the ACC.  Who loses to Temple?  Answer:  Maryland.  Oh well.  I was 4 and 5 on the week.  Let's hope this week is better. 

Last week 4-5         Total   18-10

Wake Forest vs Boston College:  This is an interesting game.  Both teams have stuggled yet showed some promise.  Boston College gets their key running back back for this game.  Is it enough?  I don't think so.  I believe Wake keeps up the winning ways and beats Boston College.  My pick is Wake Forest.

Towson vs Maryland:  Maryland was aweful last week and if they played anyone else this week I would choose the other team.  Luck for them they play Towson this week who isn't a division one school. I hope they show up because losing this would be as bad as losing to James Madison.  Oh wait, the Hokies did that last year.  Well either way, my pick is Maryland.

21 Georgia Tech vs N.C. State:  Did State play last week?  I mean I know they had a game but did anyone show up to play.  Not really.  Well they are going to lose again this week.  Georgia
Tech will have over 600 yards in this game as the score is not close at all.  What happened to State?  My pick is Georgia Tech.

Virginia vs Idaho:  Well Virginia didn't show up either last week.  They got beat in a game they should of won.  They way they have been playing this year, its a shame they lost that game.  They needed that win for bowl consideration.  Anyway, I don't think they will have issues this week but we shall see.  My pick is Virginia.

Miami vs Bethune - Cook:  Wow, Miami was stopped on fourth and goal from the 1 yard line last week with 57 seconds to go in the game.  Its a shame because they played really well the week before against Ohio State.  I think they easily get back into the win column this week.  Hopefully by a lot.  My pick is Miami.

Duke vs Florida Int:  Duke is really the only ACC school, besides Clemson, that played well last week.  They looked really good and put up a lot of points.  Where was that against Richmond?  Oh well right?  I think they can continue to win this week.  Can they make a bowl game this year?  They will have to win a big game for that.  I think they win this week so my pick is Duke.

North Carolina vs ECU:  Wow, I wish Carolina could of pulled off the upset against Georgia Tech.  It was a close game and I really like UNC's running back.  This should be a good game.  I think ECU is better than people give them credit for, but I think the Tarheels are playing well.  My pick is North Carolina

11 Virginia Tech vs 13 Clemson:  This is the game of the year in the ACC.  These will be the two highest ranked teams to play each other in the ACC this year (unless Georgia Tech keeps winning).  I honestly have not been happy with the offensive output from Virginia Tech.  In the second half of every game, it has looked like they didn't want to play.  I have loved the defense.  They have been great but there are still holes in it as Arkansas State showed us.  This game can go either way with both teams having a chance to win.  If Clemson wins it, I hope they keep rolling and end up playing for the National Title.  However, I believe that in the ACC if you want to win the ACC championship, the road goes through Blacksburg, Virgina.  That being said, I think my Hokies will win and hopefully turn up the heat on offense from here on through out the season.  If they loose there is still a chance to play for the ACC Championship although Georgia Tech will be hard to beat.  My pick is my Virginia Tech Hokies!  Let's go Hokies!

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